PEVA/PU rubber antiskid tape

It is based on PU film coated with solvent adhesive which is Soft, environmental, good elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion.
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Model Number:ASGT-3017 Certificates:SGS / BSCI
Width: 50mm Whether double-sided tape: No.
Length: 5m Substrate: PU rubber
Purpose: skid proof. Backing material: Rubber
Elongation factor: 30% Glue system: oil glue.
Print content: None Color:Black, gray, white, transparent
Material: PU Meat thickness:Customizable
Thickness: 0.75  Tearing mode: Tools need to be used.
Oil adhesive,Super strength  Temperature range: Room temperature.
Base paper: White silicone  Oil paper: initial adhesion: > 13 
Holding force: > 30  Scope of application: smooth surface
Long term temperature resistance: normal temperature


Scope of application: Rubber base material skid-proof tape suitable for indoor: humid, dust-free, children's places of activity, etc.