Colored PET lithium battery terminate tape

Lithium battery insulation tape is made of PET film with acrylic adhesive tape, which is widely used in lithium battery for insulation protection, binding and fixation.
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Quick Details

Double sided adhesive tape: Yes. Processing and customization: Yes.
Substrate: PP film Coil core material: hose
Back surface: PET Thickness: 0.03
Long term temperature resistance: 130℃ Short term temperature resistance: 260℃
Adhesive system: Acrylic acid Meat thickness: 2cm
Elongation factor: 1 Features: low noise.
Elongation (%) 140 Purpose: lithium ion battery
Tearing mode: easy tear / truncation, transection, straight break.
Temperature resistance (c): -20~220 degree
Adhesion force (N/25mm): 7.35 (difference in viscosity and thickness).
Tensile strength (N/25mm): 110 (difference in viscosity and thickness).
 Product No.:DCJD-3001

Scope of application

 Suitable for lithium ion battery termination and other parts of the insulation protection and fixation, suitable for cylindrical, square and other lithium ion battery ear insulation protection 


Characteristics: insulation, chemical solvent resistance, electrolyte resistance, high adhesion, good adherence and no residual glue.
Acrylic adhesive
Tape surface cleanliness, good toughness
High temperature, solvent resistance, stablity and reliablity
Adhesion is moderate, no residual glue
Unwinding force is moderate, suitable for different processing requirements 

Application: extensive lithium ion battery dressing.
Lithium battery insulation tape provides insulation protection and fixation for core ears of cylindrical, square and other lithium-ion batteries.
Special for Lithium,Nicke land Cadmium
Aluminum shell/ steel shell/Soft package pool electrode anode protection, battery terminal insulation and fixation