High end super stable lithium battery termination tape

Lithium battery termination tape -pet high temperature green tape -Aluminum shell/ steel shell/Soft package pool electrode anode protection and batteries end parts’ insulation fixed

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Product No.:DCJD-3002 Long term temperature resistance: 120
Glue system: Silica gel Short term temperature resistance: 150
Temperature: Medium high Width: can be divided according to indication.
Base material: PET Tearing mode: tools need to be used.
Backing material: Silica gel Processing and customization: Yes.
Thickness: 60um Release paper type: Polyester film
Length: 66 meters Temperature range: -10-150
Elongation factor: 120% Whether double-sided tape: No
Features: Insulation Coil core material: hose
Color: color Temperature resistance: good.
Print content: None Series:Silica gel

Purpose: used for insulation protection and fixing of lithium core termination and other parts.

lidianchizhongzhhijiaodai1Lithium battery termination tape is made of polypropylene Film (PP, PET, PI film). 

On this basis, acrylic glue for lithium-ion battery electrolyte was coated with the thickness of 0.016 mm, 0.020 mm, 0.03 mm, 0.035 mm, 0.04 mm and 0.05 mm. 

Special for lithium ion battery and other parts of the insulation fixed protection, with strong resistance to electrolyte, high adhesion, soft and appropriate, environmental protection halogen-free features.





It is specially used for insulation protection and fixed protection of termination parts of lithium/nickel/cadmium
and other kinds of aluminum shells, steel shells and soft-packed batteries.