High Voltage EPR Tape

PVC electrical insulating tape.Non liner, self adhesive; maximum 1KV main insulation recovery; for cable connector and terminal insulation.
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Model Number:JYT-3003 Certificates:SGS / REACH / ISO
Material: Rubber Double sided adhesive tape
Power level below 25KV The temperature is 80 degrees.
Temperature: 80℃ Color: White and Black
Elongation: 160% Thickness :0.8mm (mm)
Length: 4-20m Width: 5mm
Adhesive type: Rubber


Product usage: main insulation recovery of solid dielectric cable;

When the stress cone is made on the solid dielectric cable, the main insulation is made; the sheath protection of the terminal box terminal. 

Features: no lining, self-adhesive; maximum 1KV main insulation recovery; for cable joints and terminal insulation.

The emergency overload temperature is 130 degrees centigrade; unwinding is smooth; weather resistance is good; excellent corrosion resistance chemicals. 

With rubber as the base material, its material is soft, elastic and sticky.

The color identification of electric insulated wire and cable under 25KV is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.