Earth wire insulation adhesive tape

Earth wire Insulation tape, good insulation effect, flame retardant, moisture proof, tensile, abrasion resistant, yellow green, double color.
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Model Number:JYT-3004 Certificates:SGS / REACH / ISO
Material: PVC. Adhesive type: Rubber
Use: masking Characteristics: heat resistance
Width: 12~25 mm Design printing: providing printing
Length: 4-20m Surface: Gloss and Transparent
Temperature: 80℃ ID core: Wound 32 mm 38 mm and other paper core
Elongation: 160% Peel strength: 1.8n/10mm
Color: Green Yellow
Product: Eelectronic insulation tape for electric heating element


Yellow and green ground wire marking, the product has good insulation, moisture-proof and flame-retardant, can be very good protection of the line, to prevent leakage of electricity safety accidents.

Features: Applicable to AC voltage below 6K, temperature below 80 degrees, can be applied to electrical insulation, cable junction box East bundling, etc., can also be used in industrial process bundling, fixed sealing box protection.huanglvshuangsejueyuan2huanglvshuangsejueyuan3huanglvshuangsejueyuan4