Aluminum foil tape, using high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, good adhesion, anti-aging and other effects. Thermal insulation performance is greatly improved, specifications have a variety of widths and lengths. Aluminum foil tape with all aluminum foil composite seam bonding, insulation nail puncture sealing and repair of damaged parts. It is the main raw and auxiliary materials of refrigerators and freezer factories, as well as the necessary raw materials for the Distribution Department of thermal insulation materials. Widely used in refrigerators, air-conditioning, automobiles, petrochemical, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries.

Foll Tape

Aluminum foil tape

Super performance, professional grade 3-way ...

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Foil Tape -Aluglass Fabric

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, high-performance pressure ...

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Foil Tape -GeneralPurpose

Seaming and sealing fiberglass board or duct wrap Aluminum ...

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