Masking tape is a roll-like adhesive tape, which is made of washi paper and pressure-sensitive glue as the main raw materials. The paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the other side is coated with anti-adhesive material. Masking tape can be divided into normal temperature tape, medium temperature tape and high temperature tape according to different temperatures. It has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, stripping without residual rubber, etc. The product meets ROHS environmental protection requirements. Applicable to automobile, iron or plastic parts furniture surface high temperature resistance paint spray shielding protection, but also applicable to electronics, electrical appliances, varistors, circuit boards and other industries.

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Masking Tape

Color Masking Tape

Masking tape has good initial stickiness and good holding ...

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General purpose masking tape(low price)

Masking Tape is a utility grade masking tape with a solvent ...

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Masking tape (Wholesale price)

Heat resistant tear no residue masking tape for automotive ...

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Masking Tape(High Temperature)

High adhesion for indoor painting or industrial use. New ...

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High temperature Masking Tape

It is recommended for high demand painting and masking ...

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High temperature masking tape(3006)

Temperature resistance 130-160℃, good viscosity, acid and ...

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High Temperature Masking Tape

Temperature resistance 250-280℃

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Washi masking tape

Medium viscosity, especially for smooth surfaces, bending ...

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High Temperature Masking Tape(RED)

Temperature resistance 250-300℃, easy to peel off without ...

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Middle Temperature Economic Masking Tape

The heat resistance is 60-80℃, high tensile strength, no ...

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Middle Temperature Masking Tape

Temperature resistance 80-120℃

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General purpose masking tape

Offers good adhesion and quick stick to a variety of ...

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White Masking Tape

Temperature resistance 80-120℃. No residue.

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