High Temperature Masking Tape(RED)

Temperature resistance 250-300℃, easy to peel off without residue.
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Model Number: MWZ-3009 Certificates: SGS / ISO9001:2008
Material: Crepe paper | Washi Use: Masking
Adhesive Side: Single Sided Adhesive: Rubber
Adhesive Type: Hot Melt Feature: Heat-Resistant
Design Printing: No Printing Packing: Shrink pack
Printing: Paper core printing Label: offer
OEM: yes

gaowenhongsemeiwenzhijiaodai1Product characteristics:

Temperature resistance 250-300℃, good viscosity, acid and alkali resistance, super high temperature resistance, impermeability, good stability, easy to peel off without residue.

Scope of application:

High temperature spray paint, baking paint, metal grinding, sandblasting, precious metal intermetallic gold, metal plating and circuit board, high temperature operation product surface protection.