Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warning, packaging box sealing warning, product packaging warning and so on, color: yellow, black, Chinese and English warning signs, sticky for oily high-viscous rubber glue, anti-static warning tape surface resistance 107-109 ohms, warning tape for marking warning area, dividing danger warning, marking classification, etc. There are black, yellow or red, white. Various types of lines can be selected; wear-resistant surface, able to withstand high flow pedals; good stickiness, a certain degree of anti-corrosion, acid and alkaline properties, anti-wear. Usage: paste on the ground, wall and machine to prohibit, warn, remind and emphasize.

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Warning Tape

Hazard Stripe Vinyl Adhesive Tapes

Warning signs on the ground, columns, buildings, traffic ...

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PVC Marking Tape

Widely used in workshop marking, isolation zoning, warning ...

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Barricade Caution 100m*75mm

Safety Warning Underground Electrical Marking Tape

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Barricade Tape 300m*50mm*0.03mm

Use in areas where you want to keep people out or to alert ...

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